• Linen Raw Edge NapkinLinen Raw Edge NapkinLinen Raw Edge NapkinLinen Raw Edge Napkin

    100% Linen Napkin with Raw Edge

    Linen Raw Edge Napkin

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    • Made From100% linen made from the finest European flax
    • Size50 x 50cm
    • Weight75g
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    Pure Linen Table Napkin

    Made from our signature Bendor linen, these napkins take dining to a new level.

    Soft and thick enough to wipe away crumbs, absorb drips and protect your laps from an spills and crumbs.

    Raw Edge napkins are the perfect addition to any table to create relaxed yet elegant dining, thick to protect your lap from spills and drips and soft enough to wipe away the sauce from your chin.

    Also available in Natural Flax, Antique White and Charcoal Grey. 

    All our linen is grown and processed in Belgium and woven in some of the oldest mills in Europe, its entirely traceable and sustainable


Our Kitchen Range

At Simpson Cottage we prefer to use linen products in the kitchen. Linen is absorbent yet fast drying, and naturally more resistant to developing an unpleasant odour than cotton. Our kitchen products are designed to be simple and useful, handmade in Australia using quality linen to stand the test of time.

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Care Instructions

Simpson Cottage linen is the most natural and environmentally friendly choice for bedding and soft homewares. Our linen products are made from pure European linen and carry the Masters of Linen accreditation. Linen is easily maintained and with a little care may last a lifetime. Wash your linen in warm water with a gentle laundry detergent, dry on the line out of the sun and never over-dry. Never used brighteners, fabric softeners or chlorine-based bleach on linen.

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