• Pure Linen Sheet Set (King) two free pillowcases
    Pure Linen Sheet Set (King) two free pillowcasesPure Linen Sheet Set (King) two free pillowcasesPure Linen Sheet Set (King) two free pillowcasesPure Linen Sheet Set (King) two free pillowcases

    Two free pillow cases with every pair of king or queen sheets (OUT OF STOCK)

    Pure Linen Sheet Set (King) two free pillowcases

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    • $440.00
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    • Made Fromthe finest flax grown in Belgium
    • Size290cm x 320cm
    • Weight4kg
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    100% Pure Linen Sheet Set Natural

    Our sheet sets consist of two sheets and two matching pillow cases. We're flexible however so if you'd like to mix and match just ask. 

    These stunning pure linen sheets are for those of us who love to sleep in luxurious quality. All our linen is made from flax grown in Belgium and woven in some of the oldest and most historical mills in Europe.

    Loved for its breath-ability, linen is a thermo-regulating fibre meaning it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, making it ideal for the Australian climate. Linen is naturally anti-allergenic and anti-microbial, once you've discovered the joy of sleeping in pure linen you wont want to sleep in anything else. Linen becomes soft and luxurious with wear and use, it has more texture than cotton sheets yet isn't rough or scratchy.

    My husband who never noticed sheets or cared about them describes linen sheets as "cool but cosy and cosy without being hot". Upon declaring that he never wants to go back to cotton Simpson Cottage Linen was conceived!

    All our linen products are grown sustainably, ethically processed and eco friendly.

    Fitted V Flat

    Big greedy companies invented fitted sheets to save fabric and make more money, they sold the the idea of selling fitted sheet sets as a convenience. But there's a catch; Fitted sheets eventually wear differently to the top sheet, leaving you with one flat sheet which is difficult to match and it's almost impossible to buy one fitted sheet on its own.

    While we discourage fitted sheets and love the tradition of over-sized flat sheets, you may prefer a fitted sheet, so we make them just for you and sell them singularly or as a set.

    We assume your mattress is 40cm deep and we allow approx. 30cm to tuck in on all sides. we recommend you measure your mattress; if you have a thinner mattress you may be able to down size.

    Our sheets are a whopping 130cm-140cm longer and wider than the standard mattress sizes, if you have any doubts or queries please contact us to check ideal measurements.

    Available in White, Natural flax.

    Please note, accuracy of colour cannot be guaranteed due to variation in screen settings.


Our Linen Range

At Simpson Cottage, we have switched from all cotton bedding to linen because linen is healthier, lasts longer and producing it is more eco-friendly. It is a luxury that has been overlooked for too long. Our linen is sourced from regions in Europe that have a tradition of growing and milling flax, it is then made by hand in Sydney to create the products you'll use during your stay at Simpson Cottage.

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Care Instructions

Simpson Cottage linen is the most natural and environmentally friendly choice for bedding and soft homewares. Our linen products are made from pure European linen and carry the Masters of Linen accreditation. Linen is easily maintained and with a little care may last a lifetime. Wash your linen in warm water with a gentle laundry detergent, dry on the line out of the sun and never over-dry. Never used brighteners, fabric softeners or chlorine-based bleach on linen.

View detailed care instructions